Complete power for your vehicle

LV Drive System with AC induction motor

Low Voltage Drive Systems

Mainly for small electric vehicles, like three- and four-wheeled urban mobility vehicle, MAHLE offers complete low voltage drive systems with high power density. The electric motors with 24 to 80 V and 5 to 20 kW are available individually or as a complete system with separate suitable motor controller. Cost-efficient and robust solutions consisting of AC Induction motors or light, efficient and compact versions with permanent magnet motor are available. Different cooling technologies for the motor and controller are available and can be combined as required.

48V Mild Hybrid Drive Systems

The 48 V electric drive system from MAHLE consist of a liquid cooled permanent magnet electric motor with included controller and is ideal for P2 and P3 applications in hybrid electric vehicles. The compact, lightweight and high efficient system with 20 to 40 kW power enable purely electric driving without the need of a high voltage supply. Up to 48 kW can be reached in generator mode to further improve the drivetrain efficiency of the vehicle. The system satisfies all 48 V automotive standards and is designed according to ASIL C (ISO 26262) to match high functional safety requirements.The investment in development of new 48V mild hybrid drive systems is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, European Regional Development Fund. For more see:

Belt-driven 48V Mild Hybrid System
LV electric motor with reduction gear

Integrated Low Voltage Drive Systems

Integrated low voltage drive systems from MAHLE, with its high power density and low EMC emissions, are the ideal solution for small electric passenger cars or hybrid commercial vehicle without the need of having a high voltage system. It consists of a silent electric motor with an integrated controller or additionally with a reduction gear and differential. From 24 to 80 V and 19 to 40 kW the air- or liquid-cooled system is equipped with an AC induction or permanent magnet motor and drives systems developed according to ASIL C (ISO 26262).

High Voltage Electric Motors

With stand-alone high voltage electric motors as well as active motor components for fully integrated systems, MAHLE offers state-of-the-art motors with a high power density, low EMC emissions and high continuous power for traction drives in electrified vehicles. Cost-efficient and robust AC induction motors as well as compact, light and efficient permanent magnet motors are available in different configurations, from air-, water or oil-cooled versions. With up to 800 V and 50 kW to 250 kW MAHLE offers, together with the HV inverter, complete system solutions that fit the customer requirements best.

Technology Kit for Electric Motors