Reliability from the chain saw to the snowmobile

MAHLE Small Engine Components are worldrenowned among professionals for their reliability and durability. Chain saws are often used in remote regions and have to work flawlessly under the toughest conditions. Finnish lumberjacks, for example, bury their saws in the snow in order to avoid having to transport them to the job site every day. Our filters and our piston and cylinder assemblies for small engines can cope easily with even this sort of challenge, because they are specially tuned to the requirements of our customers. They are produced in Germany, Austria, USA, Brazil, and China.


In Europe, we are the largest supplier in our segment to manufacturers of professional hand-held power equipment such as chain saws, cutters, grinders, blowers, plant spray equipment, and lawnmowers. Our engine components also enable motorcycles and leisure vehicles, such as snowmobiles, personal watercrafts, and all-terrain vehicles, to work reliably. In the development of these high-performance, low-emission engines, we support our customers right from the start with modern development tools.