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MAHLE in Poland has 3 locations in Wrocław, Krotoszyn and Ostrów Wielkopolski. All facilities are developing intensively and employ both specialists and graduates of many fields of study. We want to bring our company closer to you and for this purpose we use various media, including nationwide, regional and local press publications. Below you will find press publications about MAHLE in Poland. Enjoy reading!

5 years of MAHLE in Wrocław

MAHLE Shared Services Poland Sp. z o.o. has been operating in Wrocław for 5 years. This is not much compared to the history of the entire MAHLE company, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020.

However, the company used 5 years of operation on the Wrocław market very well. During this time, MAHLE SSC has significantly expanded the area and range of operations and has been continuously increasing employment.

Looking at the dynamics of development of our Wrocław-based company and its current shape in relation to the original plans of its operation, we can confidently admit that the opening of an SSC in Wrocław was a good decision and a successful investment by MAHLE - says Sabina Stachurek, Human Resources Director at MAHLE , responsible for Poland and Serbia.

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MAHLE in Wrocław - summary of 5 years and plans for the future

5 years of activity, work for MAHLE locations on 5 continents and 550 employees - the Wrocław branch of MAHLE, a global giant in the automotive industry - sums up the activities in the capital of Lower Silesia.

The company reveals the details of its ambitious plans for the future.The company's representatives emphasize that MAHLE Shared Services Poland has already achieved a lot in the 5 years of its existence, but there are still many plans to be implemented.

The financial department is gradually taking over the operation of plants in other European countries, while IT is already operating globally, wherever MAHLE plants are located.

Our plants work in a three-shift system 24 hours a day, 5 and sometimes 7 days a week. For this reason, we must provide a service of critical services around the clock. Apart from us, there are two other service centers at MAHLE, thanks to which we can work in the "Follow the sun" system. When our shift ends, the tasks are taken over by colleagues from Mexico, and then by others in India - Tomasz Głuch, IT director at MAHLE Shared Services Poland.

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Professional career in finance

Andrzej Buczyłowski, Head of Regional Controlling Services Europe, talks about controlling at MAHLE. From the text you will learn, among others what are the further development plans (including recruitment!) of the European Controlling Center MAHLE in Wrocław.

“It is well known that there is no better experience than in the automotive industry. It is a mandatory item on the CV of any aspiring auditor. Very detailed and insightful product analyzes at the level of a single plant, combined with the analysis of consolidated data, will allow you to gain comprehensive experience and ensure development for many years.

Over the next two years, we plan to increase employment in our controlling center from 15 to 60 employees. At this stage, we are looking for candidates at three levels of experience - Junior, Specialist and Senior "

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Automotive Suppliers

In Automotive Suppliers magazine, covering the topics of automotive industry, we share information about Research and Development Center in Ostrów Wielkopolski. The operations of the Ostrów Center cover the entire product development process from the design phase, through prototype building, testing in laboratories to serial production.

Automotive Suppliers

Automotive Suppliers [PDF; 354 KB]

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Cooling&Air conditioning

In the Cooling & Air conditioning magazine, we take a closer look on product engineer's job in manufacturing modern thermal solutions in cars. The R&D Center in Ostrow Wielkopolski specializes in developing thermal control solutions in cars with combustion, hybrid and electric engines. Over 400 engineers and technicians work here and use the latest design tools and advanced testing machines.

Cooling&Air conditioning

Cooling&Air conditioning (PL) [PDF; 5556 KB]

Gazeta Wrocławska & local media

All MAHLE locations in Poland offer interesting development opportunities, among others, in the areas of engineering, logistics, accounting, finance and IT. People are also needed in the areas of production management or quality management thanks to new investments and projects, as well as constantly developing machine park.

Gazeta Wrocławska & local media

Gazeta Wrocławska & local media (PL) [PDF; 3756 KB]

Głos Wielkopolski i Gazeta Wrocławska

“Our employees are involved in the search for innovative technological solutions. They have the opportunity to cooperate with other MAHLE units around the world. There is no boredom here, there are still new challenges instead. The team consists of people full of passion, focusing on teamwork and achieving common goals.”

Głos Wielkopolski i Gazeta Wrocławska

Głos Wielkopolski i Gazeta Wrocławska (11-2019) [PDF; 2484 KB]

Kurier Ostrowski

MAHLE facility in Ostrów, in addition to the production of components for cooling and air conditioning systems, is important center for research and development of new products. Over 400 engineers and technicians develop solutions for the latest car models in local R&D Center.

Kurier Ostrowski

Kurier Ostrowski (PL) [PDF; 2864 KB]

Nasz Rynek

In June 2019, the construction of another MAHLE production hall with an area of approximately 14,000 m2 and a multi-storey office and social building began.

MAHLE facility in Ostrow Wielkopolski is one of the largest employers in the region. It employs nearly 2,400 people and is involved in the production of radiators, condensers and other components for cooling and air-conditioning systems for cars with combustion, hybrid and electric drives. The company delivers millions of coolers annually to major car manufacturers.

Nasz Rynek

Nasz Rynek [PDF; 1441 KB]

"Semestr" magazine

As part of an international group that operates in 160 locations around the world and on five continents, the R&D center in Ostrow Wielkopolski offers great development opportunities for the engineering staff. All MAHLE facilities are developing intensively and increasing employment. Everything indicates that MAHLE will continue to grow dynamically in the coming years, cooperating with global car manufacturers and adjusting production to the changing automotive industry.

Strefa inżyniera

MAHLE is intensively developing in Poland and all 3 locations are increasing employment. Polish factories take over some of the tasks from foreign MAHLE branches and constantly increase the demand for engineers and specialists in the field of design, mechanics and machine construction, materials science, production processes, logistics, accounting and IT. In the area of IT, accounting, finance and logistics, Polish employees serve many MAHLE branches throughout Europe.

Strefa Inżyniera

New challenges for engineers in automotive industry (PL) [PDF; 1541 KB]