Thermoelectric heat pump

As in all vehicles with a purely electric powertrain, one of the biggest challenges with respect to energy storage is heating the interior, particularly in winter. Indeed, by eliminating emissions in the MEET, the system lacks the most important heat source—the combustion engine.

As a result, any temperature-related output such as the heating of the heating air places a burden on the battery—and therefore on the vehicle’s cruising range.

Maximum efficiency without compromises—and even with improvements—in comfort are therefore a top priority for MEET. One aspect: balancing heat and cold. This balance is maintained by a thermoelectric heat pump and surface heaters with individual comfort zones, as well as other features.

Another key component for improving efficiency is the 48-volt drive unit. The top speed of 100 km/h is optimally adjusted to the requirements of urban mobility, with city driving and short journeys. In this way, it remains highly efficient.

The result of these combined measures is the possibility of up to seven days of urban driving—for example, to work—with just one charge. Expressed in figures, intelligent thermal management increases the cruising range by 5 percent in summer and by as much as 50 percent in winter.

  • Efficient utilization and control of heat and cold
  • Optimized drive power profile
  • Up to seven days’ driving performance without recharging
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