Motors for brake systems

ABS Pump motor for EHCU

MAHLE motors for antilock braking systems (ABS) / motors for electronic stability control (ESC)

Both ABS and ESC motors are extremely compact, designed for high reliability and durability. Moreover, they can be flexibly customized to suit all design specifications. Our motors are based on a scalable motor design which meets all future requirements for driving assistance systems (ADAS) and allow our customers to modularize their units.

The magnetic material we use is free of heavy rare earth elements. Our ABS and ESC motors exhibit low noise and vibration levels and adhere all international standards for electromagnetic tolerance.

Motors for ABS applications are lightweight and cost-effective. They operate in a performance range of up to 135 watts.

Motors for ESC systems have a high power density due to the use of high-power ferrite magnets. Our motors achieve power outputs up to 800 watts and a service life up to 1000 operating hours - suitable for all current and future ESC applications. Upon request, a metal or plastic front panel can be installed.


真空タイプに代わる電動倍力装置として、マーレは電動ブレーキブースタ(EBB)用にSPM(表面磁石型) ブラシレスDCモータ(12V)を提供しています。スケーラブルなトルク出力により、様々な顧客要求に対応。ロバスト設計と高出力密度が特徴の製品です。

BLDC Motor for Electric Brake Booster