General information about products MAHLE Poland

The MAHLE Polska Sp. z o.o. products, especially pistons, cylinder liners, big bore liners, valves and valve train parts are assembled in millions of fuel engines used in the worldwide automotive industry. At the beginning, the main products of the company were: cylinder liners and valve train parts dedicated to Diesel and petrol engines.

After year 1999, since the company has entered into the MAHLE Group, has begun a rapidly progress of the company, connected to production volume increase as well as to wide range of offered products. Since that time was implemented a production of big bore liners for Diesel engines in marine industry and power stations. Further on was built new aluminum foundry and machining plant, what made possible to implement a production of pistons dedicated to the newest fuel engine generation. Our pistons are used mainly in the passengers cars today.

Since year 2000 has been implemented a large-lot production of valves mainly for Diesel engines for cars and trucks. We produce also piston inserts for our own demands of aluminum foundry and for export. We have achieved the most modern technologically products thanks introducing into operating the most modern production lines and implementation of Quality Management Systems and Environment Management. There is continuously improvement of product design and production technology of products which we offering on the market.

In the area of Development & Research MAHLE Polska Sp. z o.o. co-operate very closely and work together on product development with the customers, the world class automotive industry manufactures.