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Cylinder Liners and Large Bore Liners

In 1948 the first cylinder liners were produced in Krotoszyn. At present MAHLE Polska produces over 4,5 mln cylinder liners yearly.

They are made in cast iron in centrifugal casting method. There are used for the production of cylinder liners several types of iron with different chemical structure, microstructure and mechanical properties.

The typical cylinder liners produced at MAHLE Polska Sp. z o.o. have an inside diameter from 50mm to 135 mm, and for the big bore liners we are able to produce parts with bore diameter of 500 mm. The big bore liners are used in medium and big fuel engines: marines, railway and power industry.

The cylinder liners are divided because of its design in two groups: dry liners which after assembly into engine don’t have any direct contact with cooling fluid and wet liners which possess so called water jacket, surface being in direct contact with cooling fluid.

Most of the liners are machined as finished parts including surface treatment, this surface works together with the piston rings in the engine and that is why it is so important one.

The treatment process of the surface is called honing process. Material used for cylinder liners production has a significant importance for cylinder liners properties mainly oil consumption, engine life, emissions.Thanks the used materials, machining processes and exactness of manufacturing we fully meet the customer requirements and their expectations.

As a confirmation is production volume increase each year and increase of customer number.

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