High temperature (HT) radiators are used to cool down engines in cars. As cooling agent, mixture of water and glycol is used. Radiators are characterized by their high mechanical strength, both external and internal corrosion resistance, while maintaining good efficiency parameters. Good efficiency means efficient radiator – smaller and lighter radiator and thus, lower fuel consumption by the car. Radiator design is mainly based on folded tubes transporting liquid from tank inlet to outlet and at the same time, contributing to heat transfer from the coolant to the air. Following customer preferences, we have designed solutions which allow us to have inlet and outlet pipes located on the same tank (so called U-flow radiators) or on separate tanks (so called I-flow radiators). Additionally, we offer radiators which have oil cooler fixed inside the tank. Our radiators are sent as single components or fixed in cooling modules (so called CRFM modules) and are used by leading car makers in Europe and on other continents.