Liquid-Cooled Charged Air Coolers

Liquid-Cooled Charge Air Coolers (LCCAC), also called indirect Charge Air Cooler (iCAC) is an alternative to “traditional” direct Charge Air Coolers cooled with ambient air (CAC / dCAC). iCACs have many advantages over the earlier, traditional solution of direct CACs used for engines with turbocharging, which increases the mass of air being loaded into the engine cylinders. This increases the engine performance at the same cylinder volume or maintains the same engine performance with decreased cylinder volume and engine mass.

Owing to their compact design and various shapes possible, iCACs can be installed virtually anywhere in the vehicle engine compartment (usually mounted directly on the engine). This allows to shorten the charge air path from the compressor(s) to the cooler, and from the cooler to the cylinders, in some cases even eliminating hoses between the cooler and the engine. This results in minimized charge air pressure losses and, most importantly, in minimizing the engine response time to acceleration pedal movement. Market analyses show significant increase in demand for charge air coolers in next years, especially for their iCAC version.