Cooling modules

Cooling modules (CRFM) consist of many components, which are the key elements for personal car functionality. Radiator is responsible for cooling down the car engine, condenser is a part of air-conditioning system, charge-air-cooler (dCAC) cools down air used by engine and air oil cooler (ATOC) is used to cool down oil when automatic transmission is used. There are additional fans fixed in the module to increase air flow by module, especially in the city when the car is not running or when it is too hot and the natural air flow cannot cool the components sufficiently. Very often, when dCAC is replaced by iCAC in the engine system, there is additional radiator – so called LT radiator- mounted in the CRFM. Its main function is to cool down air in iCAC with the use of liquid. To guarantee good module performance and still be able to fix module in engine compartment, all components are optimized and additional air baffles are used to ensure air flow by module. Modules are built in the same sequence as the cars on the production line at the car maker’s site and in line with car concept, which allows to reduce the cost of development, logistic and production.