MAHLE Behr products

The combination of years of experience, research and organizational improvement makes us a reliable partner. Our production profile includes:

• for the automotive industry - a complete range of heat exchangers and all cooling modules, mainly for OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] customers;

• for the industry - exchangers.

Access to the latest developments and technologies can enrich our offer with a modern, world-class quality products tailored to the needs of our customers. The design of many of our products are based on innovative technology coiled tubing, developed by a team of our engineers who received the prestigious and recognized as "automotive Nobel" PACE award [Premier Automotive Contribution to Excellence] in 2012. Made in innovative technology condenser MFTC [Multi-Port Folded Tube Condenser] has better heat transfer performance, longer life and greater efficiency in the production process than conventional condensers, in which the tube squeezed. The award is recognition for the company's innovation, technological advancement and business performance - among companies operating in the automotive industry.

Every year the company invests in research and development to create innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the industry. This strong emphasis on innovation makes constantly introducing new products, providing customers with unique benefits.