The Environment Management System ISO 14001

The Environment Management System, which meets the requirements of international standard ISO 14001, is a tool to support the process management system for all organization units.That means from strategic management - which is a main domain for Management Board of all companies to an operational management used at lower levels of organization. The environment management system describes in synonymously way all influences on environment and makes possible to choose the most significant one. Thanks implemented actions to decrease and finally eliminate the influences on the environment , there is realized the continuous improvement program to be more friendly environmentally as company.

In a case of actions which can’t be decreased today, we provide continuously inspection of the parameters which have the influence on the environment.

All describes processes involving the entire staff within company on all organization levels. The activities are focused on limitation of the influence on environment, improving the qualifications of our workers and their commitment.

  • At MAHLE Polska Sp. z o.o. the Environmental Management System acc. to the international stadard ISO 14001 has been implemented.
  • The implemented Environmental Management System means that work activities are systemized and the company undertakes actions oriented to the continuous improvement of the environment conditions.
  • At MAHLE Polska Sp. z o.o. we see our Environmental Management System as integral part of the entire management system of the company which encompasses quality, environment and work places. Our policy is how we see our influence on the environment and our activities dedicated for the environment. We trained our staff how to act to be friendly to environment. There are given responsibilities , work instructions, procedures, tasks which are used in order to achieve our goals. The results of our activities are continuously monitored and evaluated .

ISO 14001 - International Standard, telling you what it is the system of ecological management, in order to assure well organized work for environment.

Guidelines_for_HSE_management [PDF; 20 KB]