Front-end Modules profit center

As the only company worldwide to specialize in the design, development, assembly, and logistics of complex front end modules, HBPO GmbH continues setting new industry standards with technically sophisticated as well as economically attractive solutions. HBPO, which emerged from Behr-Hella Fahrzeugsysteme GmbH founded in 1999, was established at the beginning of 2004 as a joint venture (in equal parts) between the three automotive suppliers Hella, Behr, and Plastic Omnium.

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The products

  • The front end module is a complex assembly unit with very high demands on functionality, technology, and fitting accuracy. The visible parts are—depending on the model—the headlights, the front grill, and the bumpers. Located behind these parts are the front end carrier, the vehicle air conditioning components, as well as the engine cooling and crash management system.