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The MAHLE screensaver is a three-minute animation of the MAHLE downsizing engine in photo-realistic quality.

The 1.2-liter unit, a three-cylinder gasoline engine, can appropriately power a mid-class passenger car with a power output per liter of up to 120 kilowatts (163 hp). Compared to typical gasoline engines in this vehicle class, this is a downsizing by half—with up to 30 percent less fuel consumption. The technology demonstrator uses cutting-edge technology: forged pistons, two overhead composite camshafts with double camshaft adjustment, four valves per cylinder, direct injection, air-water charge air cooling, cooled exhaust gas recirculation, and cooled lightweight valves. A further technical highlight is the completely integrated intake module, in which the air filter, charge air cooling, noise suppression, three individual throttle flaps, and introduction of exhaust gas recirculation are accommodated. To consistently minimize fuel consumption, frictional loss was also drastically reduced: with the use of innovative coatings on piston pins, piston rings, and cylinder running surfaces.

MAHLE screensaver [ZIP; 51 MB]

IMPORTANT—Before installing or using the software, carefully read our technical information and disclaimer attached to the zip archive.

Our 3D animation at YouTube:

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